Yvonne’s Epic Ride

This is an epic riding story from DSG ambassador Yvonne Weston putting our Avid Technical NeoShell apparel to the test.  The picture truly is worth a thousand words!  

Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas are some bluebird days with lots of fresh powder!

We all dream about those days where we wake up to fresh snow and beautiful blue skies, unfortunately they seem to be few and far between in the mountains.
We all knew it would be foggy and visibility would be poor on our ride last Sunday but we never expected how ugly it would really turn out to be. Even though it was well below freezing it started to rain on the trail up the mountain. Trying to keep my goggles clear of ice was a struggle and I spent half the ride up only being able to see out of the left half of my goggles. I assumed that I would be completely drenched by the time we reached the top but to my relief, I stayed completely dry and warm in my gear! By the time we made it to our destination near the top of the mountain I was coated in a quarter inch of ice from head to toe. The fresh powder was also coated in a layer of ice which didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves and carving through the meadows. Unfortunately, visibility was so poor that we had to turn back early.
I hope Santa brings you all lots of bluebird days!
Merry Christmas!

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