Wow, what a whirlwind ride it has been over the last few months.  Or to be exact, since we last posted on September 14th.  EEEK!  We promise to get better at keeping our blog updated and in keeping everyone in the loop better on what we have going and what is new in the world of Divas SnowGear.  Hopefully, a lot of you had the chance to say Hi to us at some of the snowmobile shows.   We hit it hard this year to promote our brand and tell everyone our story.  The story goes like many, in that we were tired of not seeing the specific products we wanted on the market.  Anyway, back to the shows.  We (Travis, Wendy, and the second Travis) had the chance to meet so many cool people from dealers, to other manufacturers, consumers, and heck, even our competitors were all very friendly and cool.  We started off the whirlwind tour at Hay Days and proceeded to the following: Syracuse, Epping New Hampshire, Toronto Ontario, Milwaukee, Novi, and even all the way up to Edmonton.  We did all these shows, while maintaining the day-to-day business and getting ready for next year!  Next time we’ll get into some specific stories that are quite crazy from the shows and the crazy people we met.  Also, look for new product and more specific company happenings soon.  That’s all the time we have for now!

Cheers to all our fellow Divas! 


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