Thanksgiving in Revy 2015 :)

Each year it seems that Thanksgiving marks the start of our shredding season. This year we stepped it up a notch, grabbed a group of ten close friends and headed north to Revelstoke to enjoy our holiday and the snow, and what a great choice it was. Revelstoke got a nice dumping of snow the days prior to our arrival and then gave us amazing blue bird conditions the entirety of our stay.

Each day we shredded some place new, from Boulder to Eagles pass. With each new location we were able to find amble amounts of fresh deep powder to tear up.

In Boulder you have big hill climbs and downs that take you from bowl to bowl. They seem never ending, always giving you somewhere new to ride. But you have to be observant so you can find your way back 🙂


For the most part at Boulder we found deep powder, but it’s still early season, so we had to be careful of the rocks lurking under the snow. I saw a few people with busted up A-arms.

Eagles Pass was nothing but powder, trees (my favorite), and big hills. The road ride in is less than to be desired. It is a long (30km) rough one, with 3/4 the trail not being groomed. But if you can handle the road in, then it is well worth every minute and every whoop! The area seems to go on for days, with so much fun terrain to ride. I personally liked weaving up the hill and catching a good line through the trees. I kept thinking to myself, “I should have worn my go pro cuz these lines are sick.” It was like floating through clouds in the soft fluffy powder. It made for an amazing day.


The ride back to the truck though had it’s mishaps. Let’s just say the road got the best out of my sled. It was so whooped out that it rattled my left shock bolt right out, causing the whole sled to lay over while driving 30mph. Good thing the snow was soft, and that our friend had a large Alan wrench and med tape that we used in place of my bolt…lol…Gotta love technical difficulties! Luckily it was an easy fix, and the local parts store had the bolt in stock.


Overall we had an amazing Thanksgiving trip. My new gear from Divas SnowGear kept me warm and dry while at the same time giving me the best mobility out of any gear I’ve ever worn. To top it all off, the staff at the Peaks Lodge (where we stayed…only $69 at night, pretty reasonable) was awesome. The entire lodge (minus 5 rooms) were rented out to Americans for the weekend, sot hey cooked us all a huge traditional thanksgiving dinner. It was very nice to have while so far from home. It was that extra little touch that they didn’t have to do but did anyway.


Kassi Leeper
DSG Ambassador


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