2014/15 DSG Brand Ambassador Rider Profile: Heather Poker

Location: Baraboo, Wisconsin
Race Team: Poker Team Racing was established in 2010 when her oldest son, Tyler (#410) took the track for the first time at a Regional GNSS race. He proudly brought home a 3rd place trophy that day, and he was hooked!!

Team Racers: All 3 of children now race.
Taytum, 5, has grown up on the sidelines and finally got her turn to hold the throttle this past December. She currently rides a pink Polaris 120 Stock in the 4-5 year old class through both the GNSS and MN Regional ISOC series, as well as the 4-12 class at the ERX Grassroots series. This little girl not only commands the dance stage, she commands the track as well!!!
Peyton, 7, was the 2013/14 National Champion in the 120 Stock 6-7 year old class. This year he continues to push the limits in the 6-7 year old Briggs (Improved Stock) class and 6-12 year old Champ class through the GNSS and MN Regional series, as well as the National ISOC Series. Although he short in stature, he knows no limits!
And lastly Tyler, 8, graduated to the Transition Freestyle (300 cc) class this year after 4 years of experience riding the 120 Stock and Champ classes. He continues to grow both physically and intellectually on the track – mastering lines and racing tactics.

Favorite part of race weekend: The family time they get to share and the memories they create with not only their family, but with other racing families who share our passion.
Favorite Race: ERX Motorpark is always a favorite – fully embracing the development of young riders to ensure the future of this sport. But the Showdown at Sundown is definitely something to experience.
Most memorable experience: The 1st race each of them participated in – a sigh of relief when they crossed the finish line safely and with a new sparkle in their eye.
Random Fact: She hates peanut butter!!
Favorite DSG Product: She loves her Arctic Appeal jacket and pants. “Prior to this year, I had succumb to the fact that I was just going to be cold trackside. It was part of the game right?! Not anymore!! I can easily withstand below zero temps while focusing on what I need to – MY KIDS!!!!”

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Ladies Ride Clinic!

DSG brand ambassadors
Susie and Kylee participated in
The 15th Annual Ladies Ride in Halfway, Oregon!
The event brought together over 50 ladies all the way from Ontario, Canada, Michigan, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington! This year the ride hosted a Ride Rasmussen Clinic that was attended by 12 ladies. 

The gals who didn’t participate in the clinic and just came to ride were lucky to have some great group leaders including our very own brand ambassador Susie!

This was Susie 9th year going to the ride. Her first year attending the event was in 2007, the year the event was moved from McCall, ID to Halfway, OR. It was Kylee’s second year, and she was the big winner of the first annual Jimmy-Fallon like lip-sync competition.

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Backcountry snowmobiling for women takes off in Sweden

By AmSnow
XX – The Female Chormosome
Freerider – Passionate people of like mind.
Setting – SWEDEN


Add these three together and you get an amazing time in a beautiful country where snowmobiling is taking off in a HUGE way.

I have had the privilege of traveling again this February to the beautiful village of Saxnas, Sweden to coach at XX Freeride Camp. I had 60 girls distributed through two camps, 6 guides, three photographers/videographers and two amazing ladies who organize us all. If asked about last years camp I would have answered “ what a huge success” but we definitely surpassed last seasons XX Freeride Camp with this seasons. We have a waiting list as long as the original attendees list. Booked in a matter of minutes when released this fall over the internet only means one thing, XX Freeride Camp is what women want.

Ladies arrive from varies countries, cities and villages by plane, train or automobile. Towing their trailers with Audi’s or SUV’s to transporting their sleds on decks of trucks. Reception banquet to start the camp breaks the ice and they soon realize there is no need for nerves, I’m gentle lol.

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2014/15 DSG Brand Ambassador Rider Profile: Sabrina Gulka


Location: Sedley, Saskatchewan
Sled: 2011 Skidoo Summit 800 
Years Riding: Almost 7
Riding Partner: Her fantastic husband, Kyle.
Favorite Riding Spots: Revelstoke, BC and Buena Vista, CO
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Yellowstone testing ride!

Ron of Western Power Sports (WPS / Fly Racing) and his wife, got the opportunity to ride in Yellowstone National Park this week! An amazing week and opportunity!
Ron’s wife stayed toasty warm in her Divas SnowGear lace collection jacket Pink!
“Over the past 20 years, my wife and I have taken several snowmobile trips through Yellowstone National Park. Some were just the two of us, and others were with friends or family. It is somewhat of a magical meeting point where my love of snowmobiling meets her love of beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife. On our trip this year we traveled 250 miles in 3 days, cruising in single digit temps for extended periods of time. I had been concerned about her staying warm so I made sure we had both the Divas base layer and mid layer to wear under her Divas Lace Jacket and Bib Pants. She always gets lots of compliments when she wears her Divas SnowGear Lace Jacket and she was not chilled once during the 3 days we were on the snow.” – Ron (WPS/Fly Racing)

Lets talk about Helmets!

By Tonnya Sayah
DSG brand ambassador (Maine)
Helmets…what is the best one?
Have you ever wondered this?  As the sport evolves so has the gear.  It used to be years ago when I started riding everybody wore a basic full face helmet, if you were really getting fancy you might have had a heated shield but even that was rare.  Today there are so many options I have found myself asking what the best one is.   I decided this year to try something new and see if I could answer this question for myself.

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2014/15 DSG Brand Ambassador Rider Profile: Brooke Skoyen



Location: Havre, Montana



Sled: 2012 800 Polaris Pro


Years Riding: Since she was 8 years old. She had a 440 Polaris!


Riding Partner: Her dad. He is a huge inspiration to her and has pushed her to be a better rider since day one. 


Favorite Riding Spots: Seeley Lake, MT
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Wynter the CLSS mascot!

Chautauqua Lake Snowmobile Services in Bemus Point NY
This is owners Rachael (DSG brand ambassador) and Bryce’s puppy Wynter she is so adorable we had to share!


Guarding the equipment


“Mom I’m just keeping your base layers warm for you”


“AAAHH snowmobiles lets go!”


“Dogs can be Divas too”

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My BFF’s First Snowmobile Ride!

By Wendy Gavinski (DSG president)
This past weekend marked two momentous occasions. It was the annual Pink Ribbon Riders Snow Run in Eagle River, WI and also my friend from Chicago, Erica’s, first time snowmobiling! I thought this would be a great event to introduce her not only to the sport, but to support an amazing cause at the same time.
I was a little worried as I followed the forecast the entire week prior to the ride. I knew the trails weren’t in the best of shape, and unfortunately the weather wasn’t calling for any heavy snow. The temps forecasted were to be well below zero as well. Erica has many health issues, as well as an autoimmune disorder where her limbs, fingers and toes lose circulation very easily. So, sledding in these frigid temps I really thought could be a disaster.

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