Indy Dealer Expo a Huge Success for DSG!

We are just landing back in our office chairs after a very short, but successful trip to the 2012 Indy Dealer Expo!  We had a great feeling and vibe going for the show before we even left because of the Nifty 50 award and the exposure it brings to our brand and our new Divine II Jacket.  Thank you Powersports business!  This is a photo from their booth with all the winners and we are proud to be included with such good companies. 

We arrived to Indy on Saturday morning and went straight into meetings with some pretty key people in the industry and they all went very, very well.  Next season will be very different for Divas SnowGear and it will also be much easier for the consumer to find our product in their local market.  We will have two major announcements coming soon!   A big thank you goes out to all our friends that helped us get these deals done!  That’s it for today as we have plenty of work to get done so we can announce our up coming plans.  

Have a great week!  


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