I am a racer at heart!

By Amy Flowers
                I am a racer at heart. I admit that I am addicted to the feeling of adrenaline rushing through my veins.  It’s hard to describe the way racing makes a person feel.  Why do we put our bodies and minds through so much stress? Whether its drag racing, hill climbing or good old sno-x, all of them weaken my knees and make my heart pound…. but I love it!

                It’s been 13 years since I have done a hill climb race with my sled. I remember that it’s not as easy as it looks and the consequences can be pretty bad if you don’t make it up that hill.  I wonder if I can do this.  After some thought I decide I don’t care, I just want to race and feel that adrenaline rush again.  So I signed up for the Hill cross race in Vernon, BC through the Western Canadian Hill cross Association (WCHA).  Besides, it will be a great weekend of catching up with friends and old racing buddies.
                It was so very cool to see my long time racing friend, Heidi. Back in our racing days we were inseparable. Thirteen years later (after marriage and kids) we finally reunite for another race. I didn’t win, I didn’t even place top three but I don’t care about that.  This race was by far my most favorite race because our kids were now watching us and cheering for us! Our cheering section was so loud I could hear the screams over my sled as I raced around the corner!
                I just want to say, if you are thinking about trying something out of your comfort zone but are afraid of failure, just do it!  You can’t fail because you will either win or learn from your experience for next time.  Don’t care what people think, just go out and try something new while meeting new people and having fun!  You won’t regret it!



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