First Trip Out


Finally my first trip out was Saturday 28th 2015 my husband and I loaded up everything around 6:00 am, before the sun was even shining its pretty little face at us.  For weeks I have been watching Facebook post of others getting their first rides in and it was killing me. Cooke City, Montana bound we meet up with our other riding buddy and hit the road. We both watched the temperature start dropping on the way up the mountain, it dropped down to -4 from 23 degrees. We were bound and determined to blow the cob webs off these machines, So we ignored the temperature and kept on driving. Making it to the parking area we unloaded and were ready to go. I got on the old gal and hit the throttle for the first time, man how I missed that feeling. It took a little bit to get my snow legs back but it was just as I left it last season, AMAZING! The snow was lacking but we made a day out of it. We dropped in to the Daisy side of Cooke from Lulu pass due to lack of snow.  We managed to find some good snow in a small area surrounded by trees. After playing there till the snow was tracked up we headed out and towards the town of Cooke City for lunch. It was a perfect end to a great day. After getting a little taste of my favorite season this gal is ready to get out there and play some more.


Jess Carter
DSG Ambassador


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