Fashion Meets Technical

The 2015/16 DSG Avid Technical line is featuring Polartec® NeoShell® …


Why Polartec® NeoShell®?
We are going to tell you!
Here is a simple definition of how the NeoShell® fabric works!
Under a microscope, NeoShell®’s permeable layer looks like spider webs spun from a polyurethane thread. The webs form tiny channels large enough that humid air can escape but small enough that water droplets (even those with the force of a 10-foot waterfall) can’t get in. A polyester lining and durable outer-face fabric sandwich the layer and are fused to it with pinhead-size dots of adhesive, which keeps channels clear and air flowing. The more you move the more air that is exchanged making the fabric highly breathable and eliminating the need to shed layers during physical activity. 

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