DSG Adds Four Top Athletes to its Roster

The number 4 is really famous if you look at it in terms of Super Bowl winning quarterback Brett Favre, the greatest motocross racer of all time Ricky Carmichael, Nascar Sprint Cup series driver Kevin Harvick, or the great NHL defender Bobby Orr.

What does this have to do with Divas SnowGear (DSG)? DSG is adding four tremendously talented snowmobile athletes to its Pro Rider roster for the 2016 season!
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Yvonne’s DSG Backcountry Clinic Experience

If you follow our blog, you have seen the story about Yvonne’s Epic Ride from December, 2015.  As a Divas SnowGear ambassador, she always has epic stories.  Here is another one from her words of the DSG Backcountry Clinic she attended this past season and her experiences.  Enjoy!


When I heard that Divas SnowGear, DSG, would be offering a backcountry riding clinic in Revelstoke, BC, I jumped at the opportunity to learn new riding techniques and meet some like-minded ladies. I had no idea what to expect and had mixed feelings on the days leading up to the clinic. I was super excited but couldn’t help feeling a little nervous. This would not only be my first clinic; it would also be my first all ladies ride with a group of women I had never met before.

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Ovaries Only Ride

It’s a pretty rewarding experience to be part of a group of 14 women traveling through the backcountry on snowmobiles through diverse terrain covered in deep snow and actually cover some ground!  That experience becomes even more rewarding knowing that we (as females) overcame a few mechanical issues and found our way out of the backcountry in the dark (not on a marked trail)!
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Lessons Learned

Around the 20th of November I was starting to feel like I might be one of the few people that hadn’t been out on my snowmobile yet.  I’m not sure if I connected to more “snowmobile” people via social media than I was even a year ago or if there are just more people on social media talking about riding and gear and conditions and…. Or if the anticipation of the winter has been amplified for me since I found out I was selected as a Divas Snow Gear Ambassador for this season.  Whatever caused it, I was ready to get on the snow!
My sled (Penelope) just had a new top end put in so she was in need of some easy break-in miles.  After watching the weather forecasts and looking at the snotel’s my husband, Keith, and I decided that we’d get out and ride on the Friday after Thanksgiving. If nothing else, just to satisfy our curiosity about what the conditions truly were.

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First Trip Out


Finally my first trip out was Saturday 28th 2015 my husband and I loaded up everything around 6:00 am, before the sun was even shining its pretty little face at us.  For weeks I have been watching Facebook post of others getting their first rides in and it was killing me. Cooke City, Montana bound we meet up with our other riding buddy and hit the road. We both watched the temperature start dropping on the way up the mountain, it dropped down to -4 from 23 degrees. We were bound and determined to blow the cob webs off these machines, So we ignored the temperature and kept on driving. Making it to the parking area we unloaded and were ready to go. I got on the old gal and hit the throttle for the first time, man how I missed that feeling. It took a little bit to get my snow legs back but it was just as I left it last season, AMAZING!  Continue reading “First Trip Out”

Thanksgiving in Revy 2015 :)

Each year it seems that Thanksgiving marks the start of our shredding season. This year we stepped it up a notch, grabbed a group of ten close friends and headed north to Revelstoke to enjoy our holiday and the snow, and what a great choice it was. Revelstoke got a nice dumping of snow the days prior to our arrival and then gave us amazing blue bird conditions the entirety of our stay.

Each day we shredded some place new, from Boulder to Eagles pass. With each new location we were able to find amble amounts of fresh deep powder to tear up.

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Fashion Meets Technical

The 2015/16 DSG Avid Technical line is featuring Polartec® NeoShell® …


Why Polartec® NeoShell®?
We are going to tell you!
Here is a simple definition of how the NeoShell® fabric works!
Under a microscope, NeoShell®’s permeable layer looks like spider webs spun from a polyurethane thread. The webs form tiny channels large enough that humid air can escape but small enough that water droplets (even those with the force of a 10-foot waterfall) can’t get in. A polyester lining and durable outer-face fabric sandwich the layer and are fused to it with pinhead-size dots of adhesive, which keeps channels clear and air flowing. The more you move the more air that is exchanged making the fabric highly breathable and eliminating the need to shed layers during physical activity. 

2014/15 DSG Brand Ambassador Rider Profile: Michelle Gillis

 Sled: 2014 M8000 Sno Pro 153″
Years riding: 20
Riding Partners: Friends and family.
Favorite Riding Spots: Rangeley, Maine, but she can’t wait to ride out west next season!
Favorite Trip of the Year: She says she can’t pinpoint a favorite trip because every weekend is a new experience and she is always making new memories.
Favorite Riding Snack: Protein bars.
Fun Fact: Michelle went to college for automotive.

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I am a racer at heart!

By Amy Flowers
                I am a racer at heart. I admit that I am addicted to the feeling of adrenaline rushing through my veins.  It’s hard to describe the way racing makes a person feel.  Why do we put our bodies and minds through so much stress? Whether its drag racing, hill climbing or good old sno-x, all of them weaken my knees and make my heart pound…. but I love it!

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