2014/15 DSG Brand Ambassador Rider Profile: Michelle Gillis

 Sled: 2014 M8000 Sno Pro 153″
Years riding: 20
Riding Partners: Friends and family.
Favorite Riding Spots: Rangeley, Maine, but she can’t wait to ride out west next season!
Favorite Trip of the Year: She says she can’t pinpoint a favorite trip because every weekend is a new experience and she is always making new memories.
Favorite Riding Snack: Protein bars.
Fun Fact: Michelle went to college for automotive.

Favorite DSG Product: She loves it all but thinks the puffer coat is amazing. “Light weight and it keeps you nice and warm,” she says.
Quick facts:
• Rides a Harley in the off season.
• Has been riding Arctic Cat since she started riding at 5 years old.
• Drives 5 hours one-way every week to ride her sled.

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