2014/15 DSG Brand Ambassador Rider Profile: Kylee Granden


Sled: She rides her Aunt’s 2003 RMK 800 Edge Chassis. She also rode her friend Jen’s 2012 800 RMK Pro this season.

Years Riding: She has been riding since she was 5 years old with family, but really on her own for the last 4 years.

Riding Partners: Her favorite people to ride with are her Aunt, Tammy Schoen, Susie Rainsberry (also a DSG Ambassador), and the rest of her sparkly tribe.

Favorite Riding Spots: She doesn’t have a favorite place, she has favorite “peeps”. She likes to ride where her friends are. She could have the best snow on the planet but be without good company and be miserable. It is all about who you ride with and their attitudes.

Best Trip of the Year: Every year she takes a trip to Halfway, OR. It is one of the most fun places to ride and the people in that town are so friendly. It is the one trip she looks forward to every year.

Favorite Riding Snack: She loves to eat applesauce and string cheese when she rides.

Fun Fact: She is a radio DJ and is on air every day of the week between two stations in Boise.

Favorite Divas SnowGear Product: She is in love with the Avid Jacket. It provides plenty of waterproof protection while being lightweight and easy to layer under. She loves how flexible the material is and how comfortable it is!


Quick Facts:


·         In her spare time she likes to learn how to do things from YouTube – everything from new hairstyles to mixing music on her computer.


·         She graduates from college on May 9th!


·         She likes working on cars and learning about them. She may not know everything about them, but she finds that having knowledge to fix things and the drive to do is a very useful skill. She thinks every woman should know the basics about cars at a minimum.



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