2014/15 DSG Brand Ambassador Rider Profile: Kristen Morrissey

Location: St. John’s, Newfoundland

Sled: 2013 Summit X 800


Years Riding: About 5 years


Riding Partner: Her husband, Andrew and the boys from Sledworthy & Sledcore. They teach her so much!


Favorite Riding Spots: The West Coast of Newfoundland!

Best Trip of the Year: They have to drive across the island to ride – about 7 hours – and they go about every second weekend.


Favorite Riding Snack: Ritz Bitz!


Fun Fact: She loves anything that gets her adrenaline going!


Favorite Divas SnowGear Product: Versa gloves!


Quick Facts:


·         She went skydiving in Las Vegas last year!


·         Rocks a DSG sled wrap


·         Displayed her sled at Snow Wars 2015



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