2014/15 DSG Brand Ambassador Rider Profile: Kimberly Wetherelt

Location: Richardton, North Dakota
Sled: 2015 Skidoo Freeride 154″ track


Years Riding: Since she was 17, but she didn’t get involved in backcountry riding until about 8 years ago.
Riding Partners: Her dad, Kevin, and her husband, Tyler. And the rest of the guys in their usual riding group as they have all had a hand in teaching her how to be a better rider.

Favorite Riding Spots: Revelstoke, BC and Island Park, ID.
Best Trip of the Year: A New Years trip to Island Park every year for 4-5 days
Favorite Riding Snack: Jerky and snickers!
Fun Fact: She graduated from high school in Savage, MT with 10 other people.
Favorite Divas SnowGear Product: Her Avid Technical gear. She says, “It’s so nice to have something so non-restricting when riding in the backcountry.”
Quick Facts:
• Once made an oil cap for a snowmobile on the mountain with a piece of cloth and a hair tie
• Totaled a brand new sled in 2008 (Just 2 weeks after putting a new wrap on it)
• Her son started riding before he turned 3

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