2014/15 DSG Brand Ambassador Rider Profile: Jessie Field


Sled: Trails – 2014 Yamaha Viper
          Backcountry – 2015 Ski-doo Freeride

Years Riding: she grew up riding with her parents until she was old enough to ride her own sled.

Riding Partner: Her Husband and Dad.

Favorite Riding Spots: Michigan’s Upper Peninsula – from Mackinaw to Copper Harbor and everything in between. She also enjoys Kingston Plains for backcountry riding.

Best Trip of the year: A trip to Mackinaw Island. She got to take the ice bridge across Lake Huron and enjoyed riding around the island in the winter.

Fun Fact: She rides almost every weekend in the winter and is always looking for cool new places to check out!

Favorite Divas SnowGear Products:
  1. Avid Technical Gear- She says “kept me the perfect temp when riding backcountry, never got too hot or too cold and always dry”
  2. TekVest! It has protected her through many “oopsies”
  3. DSG Lace Collection – kept her toasty warm even in the coldest temperatures of Michigan on the trains riding.

Quick Facts:

  • She attended the DSG Ladies’ Clinic in Copper Harbor MI this year.
  • She really got involved when she was 15 when she started traveling across the state to compete in ice races.
  • Other hobbies include: snowboarding, wake-boarding, motorcycling, and boating.

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