2014/15 DSG Brand Ambassador Rider Profile: Jennie Niss


Location: Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
Sled: 2012 Polaris Shift IQ 600 ES aka “The Diva Sled”


Years Riding: Since she was born! Her parents are avid snowmobilers; the trail starts right from their farm!
Riding Partner: Her dad – he always watches out for everyone that goes riding and makes sure they have the best time! His enthusiasm can make anyone excited to ride!!
Favorite Riding Spots: Lake City, MN and the surrounding areas in Southeast MN. “The views from the bluffs into the river valley are picturesque; you can only see them on snowmobile and year after year they never get old!”
Best Trip of the Year: She goes to one of her best friend’s cabin in the UP – Ewen, MI and ride all around the area! She loves the openness of the trails (old rail grades). She also loves riding up by Lake Superior.
Favorite Riding Snack: Kashi bars!

Fun Fact: You will never find her sitting around, always busy finding something to do – even at work as a Recreation Therapist helping Veterans have fun!!!

Favorite Divas SnowGear Product: DSG Lace Bibs! She loves that they are so versatile from changing bibs to pants, the easy adjustable length, they are LONG enough and come in her size! “They are so light, comfortable and WARM!”

Quick Facts:
• She grew up riding a 1991 Polaris Indy Trail 2-up. Her dad sold it a few years ago and her husband surprised me with it when her son was born a year ago!

• She got her husband hooked on snowmobiling by buying him a Polaris jacket, gave it to him 3 weeks before his birthday and by his birthday he bought his first sled!
• Her best memory of snowmobiling has always been making chocolate covered peanut butter Ritz with her mom when her parents would go on snowmobile trips! It always reminds her of the season!!




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